Why work with a trainer?

Working with a personal trainer can be a practical and affordable means of getting in shape and understanding how your body responds to exercise.  Trainers tailor sessions specifically to the individual needs of each client. Anyone, young and old, in shape and out, can utilize a personal trainer for motivation, adherence, instruction, and safety.  

What to Expect

First is the consultation.  This gives you the chance to decide if personal training is for you.  If you have certain health risks, such as a heart condition, you may be asked to receive clearance from your physician prior to beginning your program.

Next, you and and your trainer discuss your specific goals. Goals are important to have so your trainer can provide direction and purpose in your fitness program.

You may have a general fitness assessment to develop a program suited to your needs and ability.  You then begin your workout program.  

As you progress, you gradually add more exercises, reinforce safety, form, and use of the equipment while your body and muscles acclimate to the program.  Much depends on your goals and your body’s ability to adapt to program. After 4 to 8 weeks, your trainer may reassess you to determine how you are progressing and what goals you have reached. You may wish to increase the level of that goal or create a new one.

Congratulations! You are ready to go.

Our responsibility to you:

  • Show clients how to maximize the proper use of fitness techniques

  • Teach clients how to set reasonable goals and methods for achieving them

  • Monitor goals and progress and reassess the goals and objectives accordingly

Have Questions?

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